Social Writing is Different

Unlike traditional forms of story telling with social you have to start with the end (or the main point)

This is why the first few words are critical. If they don’t grab the potential readers eye, then they are gone

Improv Training for Writing

Improv training for writing helps you to understand there will never be a day of writer’s block in your future.

To AI or Not to AI, that is the current dilemma in social media writing

The dilemma is true for blogs, social media post, and even engagement.

Because all things can now be done with AI.

There are clearly three philosophical styes towards this issue.

The irony is each person is committed to their approach

Use No AI
Hybrid Real and AI

What % of AI Writing do you think is okay? (vote now)

Social Media Writing 3 Act Structure

Your writing sucks! | Start with an AGH

In social without an attention grabbing headline (AGH)- you will go nowhere. And the amount of letters to use is getting less and less on various platforms.

Clickbait is not an (AGH). The entire goal of that is to take you away from the site you are on to theirs.

Your social goal is simply to get them to stop scrolling.

Got your attention now what? | 1 Goal

The meat of your post needs to focus on one goal. Engagement, Sales, Marketing, Celebration, Insight, etc.

And each social media platform has a different vibe. Does your vibe match it or go against it? You need to know. what the tone of your writing is and is not.

Is it bringing people towards you or pushing them away

Distribute | Then the real work of engagement begins

Do not overthink the post. That’s not the goal. Engagement is the goal. Are people reacting to you via comments, shares, DM’s, etc.

Most importantly social media writing is part of the process. Not the process.

“My initial interest in Improv training was aimed at honing my speaking abilities. I was absolutely thrilled to realize the positive impact it had for my writing. From recognizing character motivation to conversation development and even identifying tactics to overcome the dreaded writer’s block – working with Roger has given me a new appreciation for the benefits of guided improvisation sessions.”

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